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The Unschooling life of Barney & Hebe

This week has seen some great changes!!

on June 25, 2013

yesterday ,after much thought,we de-registered Barney from school 🙂 ,he has not ever settled well in his latest school( believe me we have tried a few)and has suffered with bullies and also the ability to differentiate between bully behavior and “banter “. His teachers got kind of bored of him keep coming to them with his worries or fears and dismissed him as a tail teller! I spoke to his teacher who informed me that Barney should stay at school so he can learn these differences and deal with them,he also pointed out that with home-ed you can only learn so much! Well I say that after the last 3 years of that school “trying” to teach my son how to deal with all of “his” problems-Bring on the Mumma teacher,Its my turn!!!!!!!!!




2 responses to “This week has seen some great changes!!

  1. Bev C says:

    I would have countered that teacher by saying “with 30+ children in a class, there is only so much you can teach any given child”.

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