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The Unschooling life of Barney & Hebe

Learning journey plans in the pipe line!

on June 12, 2013

Hi all , today has been an ultra busy one with planning for our home ed learning journey! I have printed out so many work sheets and activity ideas that all i need now is Hebe NOT at school so we can get on and enjoy the ride! As you know we are starting with our Netherlands adventure and our lovely friends are doing a fabulous job keeping us up to date with all the fun stuff Flat Hebe is getting up to! We are looking through an old book we have of childrens first dutch words and will be labeling places around the home. We have  a map of the Netherlands to color and flags to decorate using different art products. We will be coloring and pasteling and painting print outs of Van Gogh Sunflowers and Starry Night and also discussing the differences between Van Gogh Mulberry tree and Piet Mondrians tree paintings.All this and cooking Dutch treets and maybe wearing orange!! oh and we will be doing our online math tuition conquer maths as Hebe just loves it!!!! go go go!


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