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The Unschooling life of Barney & Hebe

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Hebe and a little boy named Barney. They loved to learn but school wasn’t for them so together with their mummy , they embarked on a home school adventure!

1013694_10152024647444408_1518159855_nToday was great!today was fun! Tomorrow is another one!

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new beginnings!

Sadly due to a marriage breakdown, the family split down the middle and our family of 6 became 3! We had to move from our lovely house and garden and became homeless for a while. We have since settled into a little house with a yard – no chooks or veggie patch but its home 🙂

Over the last year or so we have put our organised “home ed” life on hold but have learned much through circumstance of life! We have become a happy unschooling family :)!!

We have a new addition  to our family in the shape of Donovan!

A lovely man that was sent from heaven to mend our broken 🙂 and we are now expecting a baby in June!!

Barney will soon turn 14 and Hebe will be 10! I have no idea where the time has gone since we started this blog!?  the time now feels right to get the blog going again 🙂

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Flat Hebe’s adventures in…ISREAL!!

Flat Hebe's adventures in...ISREAL!!

Just a little update on the busy travels of our lovely little Flat Hebe! She has been holidaying in Israel with our good friends the Nudler family! Together they have been to some amazing places and taken part in some lovely family celebrations – even the Bat mitzvah of Yaara, one of the Nudler children!! we will cover Israel with some project work soon :).

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Dr Suess

Dr Seuss wrote some funny a witty and wonderful children’s  stories but hidden within these stories are some wonderfully deep quotes! Dr Seuss’s stories have a really good message to share as well as being tongue twisteringly good they can really make you think! I do love a Dr Seuss quote!!!! il_fullxfull-173375840 dr suess quote

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Where in the world is Flat Hebe???

BALI!!! Flat Hebe has gone on holiday for a month to Bali! She is visiting a turtle conservation program,climbing volcano’s, discovering water falls and rice fields  and having an amazing time with the De Leeuw family! We are doing some wonderful projects along side Flat Hebe’s wonderful adventures! Take a look at our Bali project so far and watch it unfold over the next few weeks(maybe months) it’s going to be arty and fun:)995716_10151802142823064_715897549_n (1)

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Albert Einstein- that man was a genius!!

Albert Einstein- that man was a genius!!

I’ve lived my whole life as a fish!!! My primary school teacher said i was stupid,said I would never amount to anything!!! Well I can bet you I will be a better teacher to my kids than he ever was for me!

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This week has seen some great changes!!

yesterday ,after much thought,we de-registered Barney from school 🙂 ,he has not ever settled well in his latest school( believe me we have tried a few)and has suffered with bullies and also the ability to differentiate between bully behavior and “banter “. His teachers got kind of bored of him keep coming to them with his worries or fears and dismissed him as a tail teller! I spoke to his teacher who informed me that Barney should stay at school so he can learn these differences and deal with them,he also pointed out that with home-ed you can only learn so much! Well I say that after the last 3 years of that school “trying” to teach my son how to deal with all of “his” problems-Bring on the Mumma teacher,Its my turn!!!!!!!!!




Learning journey plans in the pipe line!

Hi all , today has been an ultra busy one with planning for our home ed learning journey! I have printed out so many work sheets and activity ideas that all i need now is Hebe NOT at school so we can get on and enjoy the ride! As you know we are starting with our Netherlands adventure and our lovely friends are doing a fabulous job keeping us up to date with all the fun stuff Flat Hebe is getting up to! We are looking through an old book we have of childrens first dutch words and will be labeling places around the home. We have  a map of the Netherlands to color and flags to decorate using different art products. We will be coloring and pasteling and painting print outs of Van Gogh Sunflowers and Starry Night and also discussing the differences between Van Gogh Mulberry tree and Piet Mondrians tree paintings.All this and cooking Dutch treets and maybe wearing orange!! oh and we will be doing our online math tuition conquer maths as Hebe just loves it!!!! go go go!

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well Hebe is definitely ready for her learning adventure!

well Hebe is definitely ready for her learning adventure!

Hebe has a folder to keep recipes and pictures and any information she can find on the country her Flat traveler is visiting. A journal to wright about the countries and stick postcards

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Flat Hebe on face book!

Flat Hebe on face book!

We made a fb page (set to closed) so that all the families that host Flat Hebe can send us pictures of their adventures with her. We are hoping they will send recipes and info about their country too.

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Flat Hebe!

Flat Hebe!

Our learning adventure starts with Flat Hebe! We are posting her all over the world and studying every country she goes to! Her host families will take photographs of her and post them to our face book page. We have sent some seeds with her to her first host family so they can grow a plant. We are hoping to grow plants all over the world with Flat Hebe!

this picture is of the Seven Sisters and the coast guard cottages, one of our favourit spots near home!

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